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I always enjoy writing music. Doesn’t always have to be an epic work of art though i wouldn’t mind writing atleast one of those at some point :) It can be a simple line or melody to be used in instrumental practice, or perhaps a song, study etc. I’m sure many students of Jazz write out choruses over Blues or Rhythm Changes. I sure know i’ve got pages upon pages of those. Hey, isn’t improvising just real time composition? Or is it that composition is really step time improvising? Regardless, being creative with music is a delight and certainly plays a big part in my musicianship.

Here’s a fun production music track that i did designed for television. It is 1 minute long, with an exit point at exactly 30 seconds. Whilst writing this I had Don Sebesky in mind. He was the arranger/composer of those albums both Wes and George Benson made under the Creed Taylor’s CTI Jazz Label. I think this little track captures a little of the spirit found on those albums.

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If you’d like to listen to a few more tracks, then click here.

2 Responses to “Production Music”

  1. Doug Perkins Says:

    Yup, this is totaly that early “bumpin” rock jazz have a martini thing that CTI was doing with Benson – I need to go back and buy some of those tracks on iTunes! Quincy Jones did a lot of this stuff too, but he never had a guitar player like George – you totally hit that sound and feel – although he did have keyboard plays that coul ddo th fast boogaloo riffs like there was no tomorrow!

  2. JP Says:

    I have them all on vinyl still. A lot of people felt it was a sell out to commercialism. With Benson going down the same path as Wes.
    I think we all can appreciate them for what they were. No need to compare against this or that. I’d certainly be proud of that body of work.

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