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A Walk In The Park

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

PDF tab for A walk In The Park

This is a pretty little song by ‘Buster B Jones’ – paying homage to Chet Atkins.

Pretty straight forward, I’ve only tabbed out the first section here. Pay special attention to bars 3 and 4, Where the chord is an E7, but because we are in drop D tuning the low E note is now found at fret 2. Maintaining the rolling bass figure can become a bit complicated when you add the high strings melody line. You need to be thoroughly adept at playing that oom pah rolling bass figure – which falls into the 6-4-5-4 string pattern with the thumb, whilst the 2nd finger of your left hand does the dance from the 6th string to the 5th string (both now on fret 2).

The 2nd time bars has the challenging A7b9 triplets pattern in a banjo roll style. If you keep practicing this figure slowly and smoothly it will start to take shape. Tip would be here to run this figure endlessly but, always play the D maj7 bars just before the banjo roll to keep the continuity of the piece.